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DesktopSense Publisher's Description

With DesktopSense you can manage and automatically change Wallpaper, Animated Wallpaper, Screensavers and System Sounds. DesktopSense use Month of Year, Day of Week and Time of Day as activation criteria for Wallpapers, Animated Wallpapers and Screensavers. Its System Sound Scheduler use Day of Week and Time of Day as activation criteria for System Sound Schedules. These features will provide you with the capabilities to choose wallpaper, animated wallpaper, screensavers and system sounds that fit with the current circumstances whether it is day or night, weekdays, weekends or depending on month of year. Where DesktopSense provides you with precision control of what is displayed or heard at anytime it also is flexible enough to make setting up the schedules an easy task. If you choose to setup wallpapers, animated wallpapers and screensavers that will be fit to be displayed during sunset choose any number of wallpapers, animated wallpapers or screensavers and set them to activate at 18h00 each day. DesktopSense will then every day (if selected) at the activation time randomly display one of the chosen wallpapers, animated wallpapers or set one of the screensavers for that time. Using the System Sounds Manager for instance enable you to set different email notifications sounds for different days of the week and different times of the day so you do not have to listen to "Have you checked your email this morning" when it is already afternoon. You can even create Sound Schedules that activate the Default sound setting at a certain time or even set it to None at a given time. A good example of this will be where you do not want to make a noise late in the evening. Another example is where you can set your Windows Exit Sound to a wave sound that you have downloaded or created saying "Goodbye, have a nice weekend". Set this sound schedule for Friday afternoons after 15h00 for example and DesktopSense will take care of everything when the time comes. DesktopSense also feature special occasion wallpaper and screensaver schedulers. This will for instance enable you to set an image of your wedding day to be displayed as wallpaper for your anniversary day or set a special screensaver for Valentine's day or on Christmas or New years day. These special occasion schedulers provide for automatic date rollover at the end of the year so you only have to set it up once.

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